piscina termale venere docce cervicali percorso vascolare

Thermal Pool

Into spa park of' hotels are presnti several thermal baths with whirlpool.
Our Thermal Baths are emptied every day and the morning filled for a pleasant and healthy bath under the waterfall, and to fully exploit the 'action of relaxing and invigorating spa Hot Thermal Water .

"La sorgente degli Dei" Thermal Pool

Temperature 34° degrees, height 1.10 cm
In this tank you can sit and enjoy massage to the feet, calves and back.

"Venere" Thermal pool

Temperature 36° degrees, height 1, 10 cm
This swimming pool is ideally located, surrounded by thermal water one can enjoy the benefits of the back and neck and the magnificent panorama on the horizon.

"Vesuvio" Thermal bath

Temperature 32° degrees, height 80 cm
This tank takes its name from the splendid views of Mount Vesuvius which enjoys the position in which it is located. The massage from the bottom of the tank which is supplied is ideal for cellulite problems and tired legs.

Vascular fatigue and countercurrent

Water temperature 34° degrees, height ranging from 30 cm to 70cm
It is a path winding-down and counter, whose bottom with pebbles allows a foot massage, which together with the action of the water against fatigue and promotes good venous and lymphatic return, and a tonic for the legs.

Thermal Showers

Showers are natural thermal water that flows continuously from the source.
Have a temperature of 36° degrees, by the caresses of these showers one gets a great massage neck and back, as well as a toning and purifying the skin.