Hotel Giardino delle Ninfe Ischia Ponte

The Thermal Park

Into The Thermal Park, The Ninfario enjoys an 'exceptional location, between the blue sea and clear of' enchanting Bay of Cartaromana a verdant vegetation, ancient oak trees, Mediterranean plants, tropical fruit trees, varieties of flowers of many colors.
An ideal place for a perfect comfort and refreshment, and a destination for a pleasant holiday, thanks to the hot springs that flow from the underground still a few steps from our beach, where, since the ancient gods of the Nymphs found their perfect home here, also a favorite of the ancient Romans who settled and made it their fortress and holiday destination (from which it derives the name "Cartaromana").
The Thermal Park Wellness and Relax Ninfario consists of three thermal pools with jacuzzi, a vascular anti-fatigue and counter, two waterfalls spa, relaxation areas in the shade of oak trees and Mediterranean plants, with many water games, sunbathing areas with sun loungers on the lawn to English and lush greenery in one of the most beautiful island of Ischia: this sums up our park spa, wellness and relaxation flagship par excellence of ' hotel .

Into The most beautiful, overlooking the sea, overlooking the Private Beach , is certainly "The Corner Wonders" which takes you back in time,
leaving you blown away by the beauty of the features of Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Mount Vesuvius and the island of Procida and then surprise you with the majestic sight of Aragonese Castle .
In total relaxation nestled in the warm thermal waters of the pools you can still hear the song of the nymphs.
Do not miss "The Fountain of Venus" very charming and always at the spa park.

For Internal Clients:
The use of the Thermal Park Spas and Relaxation, all its thermal baths, wellness areas equipped, and sun loungers in it is included in the cost of living.

For all customers both internal and external:
Inside the park Spa and Wellness Spa treatments are made of hydrotherapy, and cures the legs due to vascular.

In Thermal Park Spa and Wellness you can also enjoy fresh seafood, traditional dishes (like the famous Ischia's rabbit, also known as "cacciatora's rabbit"), Sfizioserie Menu, Menu a la Carte.