vasca termale con acua termale naturale le sorgenti di acqua termale a cartaromana Vasca vesuvio con acqua termale naturale ricca di ferro e zolfo acqua termale naturale a 36 gradi

The Thermal Water

The waters that feed our Thermal pools come from our natural hot spring "The Ninfario "found on our property with similar characteristics to 'ancient source Cartaromana still existing, a few meters from our beach.
The waters are salty waters bromine iodine rich in iron and sulfur, with a temperature that varies from one tank to 'other between 30 and 36 degrees, with a natural color which varies during the day from crystalline white to light green to yellow.
The water is reciprocated every day, parts necessary to ensure the maximum benefit from their use.

What care our waters Thermal

The healing properties that characterize our thermal waters have been known since ancient times and especially recommended for the beauty and body care.
Recognized by Ministry of Health as water that is suitable for Therapeutic Thermal Mud Therapy, Spa Therapy and Inhalation treatment, proved very effective for treating rheumatic diseases, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, metabolic disorders, fluid retention, skin disorders dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.
The thermal baths with Jacuzzi are ideal not only for these diseases, even to find their perfect state of physical and mental well thanks to the therapeutic properties of our source of energy that sells to those who use it, and through the beautiful landscape surrounding.


To get the best feeling of well-being and retrieve a perfect Remise en Forme should follow some simple rules for balneotherapy.
The 'ideal is to take a shower before diving into the tanks in a partial or complete (with the exception of the head, which in any case be protected by a cap) for a period of about 15 minutes immersion, alternating with at least 10-15 minute break.
It is recommended not to exceed three dives per day and do not shower immediately after the bath, so that the elements that make up the 'thermal water can continue to exert their beneficial properties on the skin.
By following these simple tips you avoid those unpleasant effects of fatigue and weakness that the thermal waters can give if you exceed the time and the manner recommended.
In case of physical conditions are not perfect, we recommend a consultation with a doctor at the spa of the 'hotel.